Saint Patrick – Welsh Wizard Of Christianity

On the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day, Rebel Voice has decided to provide a light look at the patron saint of Ireland and the global celebrations that he has inspired.

The short animation up first is not an in-depth analysis, but may give you a taster of the man who has had a thousand streets and millions of children named after him.

The second video is a trailer about St Patrick, narrated by Laim Neeson. It is slightly more professionally prepared than the first.

The third is tongue-in-cheek from Ireland.

The final one is the Simpsons classic when Springfield holds its own St Patrick’s Day celebrations. It’s a good job that we Irish are not too thin-skinned and find the stereotypes in this to be very funny. The red-headed cop is a good one. The blowing up of a British chip shop is really out there, as is the depiction of all Irish as hard-drinking street fighters (and that’s only the grannies). It’s well worth the watch to prepare yourselves for the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland.

The tradition of nipping those who are not wearing green is not an Irish one, but is a welcome addition insired by our cousins in North America who really know how to celebrate the National Day of Ireland. Rebel Voice has celebrated two Paddy’s Days in the US and both have been memorable for all the right reasons. So best of luck to all across that continent and, remember, don’t drink the green beer!

We, at Rebel Voice, on occasion wonder how ole Paddy would feel knowing that his special day is now an occasion for drunken debauchery around the world? Kent O’Brockman (nice touch) from the Simpsons comes close in his own imitable way to expressing this point. Do you suppose Patrick was a whiskey drinker, a dabbler of mead, or would he have preferred a bit of the vino?

From Rebel Voice in Ireland, we hope you all have a very happy and safe Saint Patrick’s Day!

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