San Francisco Mural Connects Residents To Palestine

San Francisco is a city long regarded as being in the vanguard of campaigning for civil rights, and opposing injustice. It is a very progressive place and when residents of San Fran speak out, others listen. The Mission District was once heavily populated by Irish immigrants and their descendants. Today it has more of a […]

Bullitt (1968) – Car Chase Scene

This is the classic car chase through the streets of San Francisco in the movie Bullitt. Steve McQueen died a relatively young man. He had a lot of great movies left in him, and quite a few car chases too. If ever a city was designed for a great car chase, it’s San Fran. Enjoyed […]

Saint Patrick – Welsh Wizard Of Christianity

On the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day, Rebel Voice has decided to provide a light look at the patron saint of Ireland and the global celebrations that he has inspired. The short animation up first is not an in-depth analysis, but may give you a taster of the man who has had a thousand streets […]

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I spoke with an Irishman in San Francisco many years ago, and he told me of how he and a friend went to an event at the planetarium where there was a computer-generated 3-D visual display that gave the viewer the impression of flying through space. I have been to something similar at the planetarium […]