Leverage In Death – J.D. Robb Thriller

Leverage In Death by J.D Robb Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a favourite with Rebel Voice. If there was a crime at this site then we would call upon the feisty, kick-ass New York detective. OK, she is living in 2067, so hasn’t yet been born, but why allow such trivial matters to spoil a beautiful […]

Dark In Death – J.D. Robb Thriller

Dark In Death by J.D. Robb The work never ends for Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the New York homicide squad in the year 2061. Although Eve has all she could ever need in terms of wealth and love – being married to Irish billionaire, Roarke – she is still an extremely driven person. Eve’s childhood […]

Red Eye – Novel By James Lovegrove

Redeye – Redlaw by James Lovegrove John Redlaw is a vampire hunter gone rogue. As a former member of the British government organisation SHADE, he is well trained in the ways of the undead. But a sequence of terrible events, recounted in the first instalment of this series, has left Redlaw disillusioned with the methods […]

Broken River – Novel By J. Robert Lennon

Broken River by J Robert Lennon The house is unusual. It has a quaint but quirky layout. It sits on the edge of a National Park. It has a history of murder. It also has a presence, an observer of the human condition and a student of itself. The house lies outside of the town. […]

The Streets Of New York – Ryan McMullan And The Wolfe Tones

Here are two versions of the famous Irish folk song that tells of a young emigrant who leaves his native land to seek a better life in New York. The lyrics pay homage to the strong relationship between the Irish and the New York Police Department. As is the case with many emigres, it is […]

The Force – By Don Winslow

The Force   by Don Winslow Detective Denny Malone loves his job. A native of Staten Island, Malone loves nothing more than to immerse himself in his role as an elite cop with the NYPD. Together with his friends, Russo and Monty, he rules northern Manhattan. At least he likes to think he does. But the […]

Kings Of America – Novel By R.J. Ellory

Kings Of America  by R.J. Ellory Rebel Voice has previously read a novel by Roger Jon Ellory and thought it a fine piece of writing. A Quiet Belief In Angels is streets ahead of Kings Of America which is, quite frankly, a terrible book. In his forward, Ellory commented upon the research that he undertook […]

Secrets In Death – J.D. Robb Novel

Secrets In Death  by JD Robb Regular readers of Rebel Voice book reviews will know that the Lieutenant Eve Dallas series is a firm favourite, although serious reservations still exist regarding how soppy Roarke is. Secrets In Death is more of the same sterling stuff. It’s New York in the latter half of the 21st […]

Saint Patrick – Welsh Wizard Of Christianity

On the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day, Rebel Voice has decided to provide a light look at the patron saint of Ireland and the global celebrations that he has inspired. The short animation up first is not an in-depth analysis, but may give you a taster of the man who has had a thousand streets […]

Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker   by Harlan Coben Rebel Voice has decided that, after the recent break-up with James Lee Burke, we should both see other people. Harlan Coben is an old flame. Whether it is advisable to return to such a relationship is questionable, but here goes. In this first installment of the Myron Bolitar series (1995), […]

No Middle Name

Book Review No Middle Name   by Lee Child I went and did it again. I read another Child book. This, despite the reservations that I had about the Jack Reacher series of which No Middle Name is one part – see Rebel Voice Book Review for Night School. This is a short story collection […]

Apprentice In Death

Apprentice in Death   by J.D. Robb This is yet another solid performance from J.D. Robb, the pseudonym of Nora Roberts. Robb never fails to impress me in the quality of her plot-lines, each being fairly original and engaging. Apprentice in Death is, I think, number 43 in the Lieutenant Eve Dallas series. In this […]