Empire Files – Abby Martin Investigates Zionist Propaganda

In this episode of the Empire Files, Abby Martin looks at the propaganda techniques used by the Zionist media of both the US and Israel. It’s an insightful approach which demonstrates the terrible impact that a corrupt and biased media can have upon public perception.

Abby gives numerous examples of how Zionists change the narrative to suit their malign purposes. When such text, and reporting, is laid bare, it becomes shocking to any reader or viewer who has a conscience.

Rebel Voice feels that this is one of the most important, and best presented, documentaries from the Empire Files which always operates to a high standard. The video is from 2015, but is worth watching and sharing so that more might know the horrible truth about Zionism and those who would champion such a morally unacceptable ideology.

– If you care, give it a share –

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