Pro-Palestinian Protest In Dublin, Ireland

This short clip is taken from the blog of  young woman who attended the recent Dublin protest at the disgraceful edict of the idiot Trump, when he stated that Jerusalem is the capital of the rogue state of Israel.

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2 Responses

  1. With his reckless statement to announce something that wasn’t within his authority to declare, Trump has created the opportunity to kill more Palestinians. The IDF, never slow to take up the opportunity have been settling a few scores. Meanwhile, the BBC is blissfully unaware of a wheelchair bound man being killed, even though they did report the arrests at his subsequent funeral. I’ve no doubt they consider it unimportant. Pro Israelis are now bragging that the failure of Muslims to rise up against the decision, means that they have managed to get away with it. When the Palestinians do get the upper hand, and they will, all Israeli Jews will be treated the same. Israel is running out of time for a peaceful solution and the consequences will be catastrophic.

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