Gideon Levy Speaks At Oxford University Debating Event

In this short piece, the Israeli political commentator Gideon Levy gives a hard hitting performance in front of the future movers and shakers of the UK and beyond. Levy has strong insight into the policies of Israel. For example, although he states that he was a supporter of the two-state solution, he now understands that there was never a desire by Israel for a two state solution.

Levy claims that the ‘settlements’ are little more than an attempt to destroy the two state solution. He claims that Israel is increasing the number of colonials so that any removal of such a large number of occupiers (750,000) is not feasible. Therefore the two state solution is not feasible. He makes a strong argument, in a high profile event.

Gideon Levy is an admirable advocate for the people of Palestine. He states, It looks like Apartheid. It talks like Apartheid. It is Apartheid. Strong words from an honorable man.

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