Know Your Zionist Enemies – Craig Cogut And Roz Rothstein

In this  installment of Rebel Voice‘s Know Your Zionist Enemy series, we look at two senior Zionists who are not as well known in mainstream society but who, nevertheless, wield a considerable amount of power on behalf of Israel.

First up is Craig Cogut, who is founder and Chairman of the private equity fund, Pegasus.

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(Cogut is the weasely-looking fella on the left. Rebel Voice is unsure as to the identity of the weird dude on the right, but feels that although he might think it, he is certainly no Peter Pan. The lady shown has apparently fallen off the set of Dynasty…)

Pegasus Capital Advisers L.P. was started in 1995, and specializes in sourcing, buying and building middle market companies. This capitalists corporation manages $2 billion in capital. It has offices in Cos Cob, CT and New York city, NY. Pegasus has more than 70 investments in companies such as Universal Lubricants, Cannondale and Molycorp Minerals.

In 2016, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California (yet another ardent Zionist) appointed the firm as financial adviser to the R20 Regions of Climate Action.

But it is with the Chabad movement (also known as Lubavitch, Habad and Chabad-Lubavitch) that Cogut is most closely aligned. Chabad was led by Rabbi Schneerson from 1951 until his death in 2004. It grew to become the largest Jewish outreach network in the world. Chabad is a Hasidic entity opposed to secularism. It has a strong track record in the armed forces of the IOF stretching back to the foundation of the gerrymandered Zionist state.

Schneerson was of the opinion that any territorial concessions on the part of Israel would endanger the lives of all Jews in Israel, and was therefore forbidden under Jewish law. He also believed that even the very discussion of compromise with Palestinians was an act of endangerment to Israeli Jews and should be avoided.

Craig Cogut, and his wife, Deborah, are known to have funded and hosted a meeting, under the auspices of NYU, to commemorate the work of Rabbi Schneerson of Chabad.

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(this photo demonstrates the presence and reach of Zionist organisations such as Chabad. Graduates of Yale are highly influential in US society)

Cogut is the co-founder and Chairman of Polyphony, an Israeli initiative allegedly designed to provide a musical education for both Jewish and Arab instrumentalists. Whilst such an endeavour might appear commendable upon first glance, it can be seen that Polyphony is solidly Zionist. Its work is yet one more attempt to normalize the situation in Israel, especially in the eyes of the outside world.

Polyphony may perhaps bring Arabs and Israelis together, but at what cost? Any attempts to undermine the Palestinian identity can be viewed as a Zionist manoeuvre, all the while Arabs/Palestinians in Israel continue to be discriminated against. Craig Cogut is a wealthy and powerful individual who uses his position to further the Zionist project of the Israeli state.


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Roz Rothstein is the co-founder and CEO of StandWithUs, an aggressively pro-Israeli organization founded in 2001.

StandWithUs has 18 offices in the US, Israel, Canada and the UK. The self-declared goal of StandWithUs is to ’empower Israel’s supporters to be Israel-educators by providing them with training, innovative educational materials, and programs.’ 

StandWithUs, whose logo reads, Supporting Israel Around The World, has moved aggressively to force a Zionist agenda on social media, in print, holding conferences and organizing high school and college students to advocate for Israel on campus.

Roz Rothstein is the author of numerous articles in Israeli activism and has travelled the globe promoting the Zionist state.  She was named as one of America’s 50 most influential Jews by Forward. The Jerusalem Post, in both 2011 and 2016, named Rothstein as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world.

Started in southern California by Roz and Jerry Rothstein, StandWithUs has morphed into a global Zionist enterprise spanning 3 continents, with a multi-million dollar budget and a social media presence that its CEO claims can involve up to 100 million weekly interactions on Facebook. The sheer scale of the reach of StandwithUs is so impressive that even the vile Israeli regime are in awe of its success. Roz Rothstein is at the heart of this Zionist monster.

Whether it is in the distribution of Zionist pamphlets, organizing pro-Israeli lectures and events, or bringing Israeli military veterans onto campuses, StandWithUs has established itself as a major force on-campus across the US and abroad. Yet StandWithUs is not a student organisation. It is an outside actor that has inserted itself onto campuses to counter the growing student awareness of Israeli crimes-against-humanity.

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It also funds a network of supporters, or ‘fellows’, who act as spies and alarm calls for immediate opposition of pro-Palestinian groups that have emerged on campus. These Zionist ‘foot soldiers’ are trained in the use of cameras, videos and robots so that they might better document any anti-Zionist events. Their presence is often the source of much conflict and aggression directed at pro-Palestinians.

StandwithUs agents are often planted throughout any event that is designed to heighten awareness of Israeli oppression of Palestinians. They then disrupt said events. Additionally, they gather information on any forthcoming BDS campaigns so that they might better preempt such humanitarian efforts by pro-Palestinians.

StandwithUs today finances special training programs for gullible Jewish high school students to ensure that they are prepared and willing for conflict with those who would oppose the brutality of the Israeli regime. For her part in this Naziesque Zionist endeavour, Roz Rothstein was paid $308,970 in 2014. In that same year, the revenue of StandwithUs was $10,021,372, and it had expenses of $8,568,990 with an employee base of 77 committed Zionists. It is an extremely well funded and influential network of rabid Zionists who will use any and all methods available to them to stop the truth about Palestine from reaching the hearts and minds of the student bodies of the western world.

Through her founding and expansion of StandWithUs, Roz Rothstein has ensured that she should be regarded as one of the foremost enemies of Palestine and the oppressed people there.

Both Craig Cogut and Roz Rothstein have proven themselves to be formidable adversaries for those conscientious individuals who would see justice done for the people of Palestine. It is important that everyone know their names and what they stand for.

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