Top 10 Big Lebowski Moments

It’s officially a cult classic. It has humour, philosophy and a great cast. It also has the ‘Dude’ Lebowski and his messed-up existence. The Big Lebowski was released in 1998 and directed by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan. It follows the exploits of the Dude, a slacker in California who gets caught up in […]

San Francisco Mural Connects Residents To Palestine

San Francisco is a city long regarded as being in the vanguard of campaigning for civil rights, and opposing injustice. It is a very progressive place and when residents of San Fran speak out, others listen. The Mission District was once heavily populated by Irish immigrants and their descendants. Today it has more of a […]

Cal State, East Bay student govt unanimously passes BDS resolution

Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) Board of Directors of California State University, East Bay voted unanimously in favor of a resolution in support of divestment from corporations that profit from the occupation of Palestine. The resolution, which was authored and introduced by a coalition of diverse student organizations and individuals at CSU East Bay, spearheaded by… via […]

Seize The Night – Dean Koontz Novel

Seize The Night  by Dean Koontz This is the final Rebel Voice review of a Koontz novel in what has been a binge. Seize The Night is a good one to finish on. Christopher Snow suffers from the rare condition of xeroderma pigmentosum, a debilitating disease in which the carrier is extremely sensitive to light, […]

Bullitt (1968) – Car Chase Scene

This is the classic car chase through the streets of San Francisco in the movie Bullitt. Steve McQueen died a relatively young man. He had a lot of great movies left in him, and quite a few car chases too. If ever a city was designed for a great car chase, it’s San Fran. Enjoyed […]

One Door Away From Heaven – Novel By Dean Koontz

One Door Away From Heaven  by Dean Koontz This novel is the first in a series featuring Leilani Maddoc, Micky Bellsong and their very own Scooby Doo gang. It should have been called, Ode To A Dog, as ole Deano really demonstrates his excessive affection for our canine friends in this tail (see what I […]

Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian   by Cormac McCarthy This novel, set in both Mexico and the US in the mid-eighteenth century, has been lauded quite a bit since its publication in 1985. It centres around the life of the Kid, a fourteen year old boy born in 1833, in Tennessee, who leaves a motherless home in search of […]

Know Your Zionist Enemies – Craig Cogut And Roz Rothstein

In this  installment of Rebel Voice‘s Know Your Zionist Enemy series, we look at two senior Zionists who are not as well known in mainstream society but who, nevertheless, wield a considerable amount of power on behalf of Israel. First up is Craig Cogut, who is founder and Chairman of the private equity fund, Pegasus. […]

The Blade Artist

Book Review The Blade Artist   by Irvine Welsh Begbie’s back! Fans of Trainspotting will be all too familiar with the psychopathic Scotsman who starred in both book and movie of the same name. The Blade Artist is Franco Begbie’s story. James Francis Begbie has moved from Edinburgh to California, where he has reinvented himself […]

Gipsy Kings – Hotel California

Listening to this version of the Eagles classic, I had to fight the overwhelming urge to run of to Mexico, find a beautiful senorita, buy a rifle, and build an adobe house (still thinking about it).