US Journalist Hammers Israeli Regime In Joe Rogan Podcast

In this excellent podcast, featuring Abby Martin, the acclaimed US journalist tells us about her experiences when she visited Palestine. The language is strong, but then again it needs to be as Abby recounts the horror that Palestinians must endure each and every day.

She is clearly someone who cares deeply about the oppressed across the planet, and has repeatedly identified the Palestinian people as those who are being brutally treated by the occupying forces of the rogue Zionist state.

Abby Martin is knowledgeable. She is also someone who can express herself eloquently. Abby is a true friend to Palestine, and is a journalist who is not afraid to stand up for the truth. It can be seen that the Surplass media of the west will not give Abby the platform she most definitely deserves, as she refuses to conform to the Zionist agenda.

This piece is well worth the look, and share, as there is quite a lot of up to date and relevant information given.

– If you care, give it a share –

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