Syria And A Question Of Balls

This is a wry comment upon the terrible situation that has been manufactured in Syria by Zionist forces.

Rebel Voice

It’s stating the obvious to say that Syria is truly a mess. The Russians are helping the Syrians, as are the Iranians. The US is helping the Kurds and ‘moderate’ terrorist grouping such as Al-Nusra. Israel are also helping the same terrorist organisations in an attempt to topple Assad.

The Kurds are under attack from the Turks. The Turks shot down a Russian jet, but now appear to be back on good terms with Russia. Russia and Israel are unsure of one another. The US hate Russia and Russia don’t much like the US.

The Europeans are backing the US, and NATO is provoking Russia in the east. Tensions are rising between the Europeans and Israel. Trump is mental and appears to want to shag his daughter. The Chinese are scratching their heads and wondering what the fuck is going on. Iran hates the US and the US wants to…

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