Know Your Zionist Enemy – Ashton Kutcher

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on 7th February, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to a Catholic family with Czech/Irish ancestry. He entered the Hollywood A-list with his part in the sit-com, That 70’s Show which catapulted him from relative obscurity as a model to where he sits today, as a major name and influencer in La La Land.

Kutcher has since decided to use his public position to fight for the Israeli corner on more than one occasion. He is a Zionist stalwart who attempts to avoid the spotlight for his support for the rogue state and it’s illegal colonial squats.

Needless to say, Zionist organisations love him. Kutcher has become a poster-boy for US Zionism. The following photo is taken from the site of Camera On Campus, a rabid Zionist group that prowls the colleges of the USA. It is how they like to portray supporters of Israel.

Like a number of the Hollywood elite, Kutcher has embraced the Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism. He has become so engrossed in this discipline that he is now a regular visitor to Israel and has stated, ‘Israel is near and dear to my heart… coming to Israel is sort of coming back to the source of creation – trying to get closer to that. And as a creative person, going to the source of creation is really inspiring. And this place has been really inspiring for me – not only on a spiritual level, but also on an artistic and creative level.’

It appears that Ashton Kutcher is content to ignore the brutality of the Zionist state in its oppression of the people of Palestine. As a ‘creative person’, it is no surprize that he can come up with myriad excuses to justify his lauding of the vile political entity known as Israel.

When Kutcher paid a visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, in Hebron, and Joshua’s Grave, in Nablus (known to colonial squatters as Shechem), he was met by Colonel Avi Gil who is commander of the Ephraim Brigade.  Gil presented Kutcher with the brigade’s baseball cap which he was photographed wearing later to a baseball game.

The Ephraim Brigade is based in the Occupied West Bank and controls the area surrounding the cities of Qalailyah and Tulkarm. They are also responsible for protecting any nearby colonial squats, declared illegal under international law. Kutcher is apparently ignorant of this fact or else simply doesn’t care.

Ashton Kutcher Israel

It can be seen that Kutcher is firmly wedded to the idea of Zionist occupation of the remainder of Palestine. Whilst some Hollywood celebrities are vocal about their support for the conduct of Israel and its moves to annex all of Palestine, Kutcher is different. He speaks with a soft voice on the Zionist menace, offering mealy-mouthed platitudes on peace and harmony, all the while giving apparently unconditional backing to all that Israel is and all that Israel seeks to do. He gives every impression of being a snake-in-the-grass.

The next meme is taken from the Facebook page for the Zionist Organisation of America. They love Kutcher there.

Ashton Kutcher once visited the illegal Zionist squat known as Gush Etzion in a shameful charade designed to lend credibility to those squatters who have taken up unwarranted residence there.

The following is taken from the Zionist blog, The Muqata:

‘Celebrity US actor, Ashton Kutcher is visiting Israel these days, and he took time out of his busy schedule to visit…Gush Etzion!

Under the initiative of project “Mashiv HaRuach” which deals with strengthening the values of Zionism, Kutcher visited the community of Efrat, listened with great interest to a historical review of the community and the Gush Etzion area, dined at a Glatt Kosher restaurant, and even dipped in a local natural spring “Mikva” no less than 151 times! (151 is the numerical equivalent “gematriya” of “Mikva”)

The project’s director, Rafi Even D’aan briefed Kutcher and (sic) the history of settlement in Gush Etzion and spoke to him at length about the region’s Jewish history. Rafi told Kutcher about the establishment of the new Jewish settlements after the Six Day War and explained the spiritual and historical significance of Gush Etzion.’

“Mashiv HaRuach” is a project of the Israel Center of the OU (organization of Jewish communities) and hosts every year about 30 thousand IDF soldiers to help combine and strengthen the values of Zionism and the IDF.’

In the final piece in this article, we can hear Kutcher voice his words, from the last meme, during a visit to Israel. He waxes lyrical about the Zionist state, conveniently forgetting all the horror that said Zionist state is responsible for. He has also financially invested a considerable sum in the Israeli IT sector, thus helping to finance the continuing oppression of the Palestinian people.

Ashton Kutcher is seemingly beyond redemption. He has fully declared for Israel. He is an avid supporter of Airbnb (the company that lets out rooms in illegal squats), even going so far as to defend them when a female protester from the anti-war organisation, CODEPINK, stepped on stage during one of his talks to promote the company. Kutcher’s slimy words to that brave Jewish objector would make a slug shudder.

There can be no doubting Ashton Kutcher’s Zionist credentials. He is a well known personality who has become a menace to all in Palestine by his complicity in the rogue state of Israel. He should not escape the cold spotlight of public displeasure.

Boycott Ashton Kutcher

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