Zionist Attacks On High Profile US Journalist Fall Flat

Abby Martin is a well respected journalist who has covered many world events including both the turmoil in Venezuela and the Palestinian Crisis. As someone who has an independent mind, Martin has placed herself in danger many times in order to provide detailed accounts of events on the ground. Her presentation has always been impeccable.

The recent edition of Martin’s Empire Files, in which she interviewed random Israeli citizens, eliciting hostile responses to those questioned on the matter of Palestine, gained much coverage internationally. Abby was invited onto a highly popular blog to discuss her program and its findings.

It was this appearance that caused a wave of attacks by various hard-line Zionist organisations, most notably Stand With Us. TeleSur gives us some further insight into the typically despicable behaviour of the Zionist assault squads in this short piece.

4 Responses

  1. Kudos to Abby Martin.
    The rabid dogs of Israels fascist government cant stop the tide that is ever so slowly turning against them.
    Thanks to social media the facts of the brutal occupation of Palestine is reaching a wider audience, every death, every home destroyed, every new squatter settlement built on stolen land is now exposed.
    Tik Tok…….

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