Know Your Zionist Enemies – Howard Stern And Adam Sandler

In this installment of the Know Your Zionist Enemy series, Rebel Voice has decided to provide a two for one, for your added convenience.

Howard Stern has an understanding of The Palestine Crisis that we could expect from a brain-damaged donkey. In this audio he rants and raves as only someone with no morality, and limited intelligence, can. (note: contains expletives)

In this next audio clip, we hear Stern calling for 5 year old Palestinian children to be bombed with other civilians. He calls them ‘bastard children’ and calls for the dropping of a nuclear bomb on Palestine. In any normal society, Stern would be immediately arrested. Instead, in the US, the likes of Stern is rewarded with a new and lucrative contract.

He also points out that the Japanese no longer smile because the US ‘burned’ the smiles off their faces with nuclear weapons. He states that the people of Japan can be treated as the ‘servants’ of the US now as they have been stripped of their ‘dignity’. He recommends that the US use nuclear weapons again, to achieve a similar result on the people of Palestine.

The following audio is taken from Adam Sandler’s appearance on Howard Stern’s infamous show. Sandler is a notorious Zionist who defends Israel at all costs. He opposes BDS, as do many Hollywood Zionists. It appears that no matter how many children and other civilians Israel massacres, there are those like Sandler who will attempt to excuse or mitigate their vile behaviour as a standard.

In this next one, Stern badmouths the New Zealand singer/songwriter, Lorde, who refused to play in Israel. Lorde has greater integrity than Stern and a thousand more like him.

Image result for Adam Sandler and Israeli flag

Both Stern and Sandler are the enemies of all right-minded people due to their unconditional support for the rogue state of Israel. These two Zionist nasties are influential in their own fields, and that influence is often used in a nefarious way with respect to The Palestinian Crisis.

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Know Your Zionist Enemies.

Boycott both of these aggressive celebrities

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10 Responses

  1. Richard Nichols

    Stern is a detestable person on many levels not the least being a good friend of Trump.Stearn has backed off a bit about his close relationship with Trump if you are naive and believe anything he or Trump says.

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  2. Richard Michelson

    racists. Pure and simple racists that condone terrorist occupation of Palestine, the butchering of 10,000 of them defending their homeland from the invasion, the forcing of 750,000 Palestinians into concentration camps declaring them “refugees” in their own country. The theft of their land and assets to the point where the Zionist terrorists now occupy 87% of Palestine where they have set up a system of apartheid. The murder, torture and theft of Palestinians continues unabated because the Zionists have infiltrated the media and government where taxpayer’s dollars are siphoned off by the billions every year to these bastards..The part about “where were they supposed to go from the WWII concentration camps?” How about to their “homes” in Europe where they came from. And no, it wasn’t decided after WWII, Colonialist Britain ‘gave’ Palestine to the Zionist Rothschilds, the owners of the privately held “Bank of England”, in 1917. Stern is a racial propagandist along with Sandler who support ethnic cleansing for their own benefit.

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  3. Brian

    Zionist pigs steal the land from the Palestinians. Sandler and Stern are two despicable cowards, who condone this injustice supported by the USA giving Israel 10 million dollars a day.

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