U.S. Crimes Against Humanity: a history

This gives additional information for anyone, from the US or not, who is open to the obvious reality that the Federal government of the US has been, and is, an Imperial entity in all but name.

United States Hypocrisy

Fellow blogger Marc Immanuel has written an extensive history of the United States and its ongoing imperial crimes against humanity from beginning to present, from its earliest days as a settler colonial enterprise to its numerous massacres of civilians in Iraq in the 21st century. The article gives a detailed account of each of the most well-known massacres committed against the Indigenous peoples by bloodthirsty white colonists who conducted what can only be described as a campaign of extermination against the original inhabitants of this land. These include

  • The Gnadenhutten Massacre
  • The Bad Axe Massacre
  • Bloody Island Massacre
  • Bear River Massacre
  • Sand Creek Massacre
  • Skeleton Cave Massacre
  • The Wounded Knee Massacre

Immanuel’s research leads him to conclude that by the year 1900, the combined Indigenous population from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific stood at around 250,000, or “less than 5% of the original population prior to the beginning of…

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