The hypocrisy of the US government.


…. Not that they are unique in this respect.

‘Trump demands Maduro regime in Venezuela release ‘illegally’ held opposition leaders’

…Even though Israel routinely arrest or assassinate Palestinian leaders without a word of condemnation. Not to mention the hundreds of families terrorised by the Israeli Defence Force with their deliberate night time raids on those living in the West Bank. So why are the Americans suddenly so concerned with the rule of law regarding Venezuela?

The word ‘regime’ gives us a clue. ‘Regime’ is a code word for governments that aren’t helpful (read: compliant) to US demands and Venezuela has been in the crosshairs since the days of Hugo Chavez. In fact, any government that gives its citizens precedence over US corporation ambitions will ultimately be on the the ‘regime change’ list. No support for those protesters in Saudi Arabia who have the temerity to offer polite rejection to Saudi’s…

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