US Occupation Of Syria Coincidentally In Oil-rich Areas?

Yet again, the US has managed to insert its troops in another nation without their permission, whilst managing to present it as a humanitarian mission. Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ecuador, Colombia, the list goes on and it’s the US taxpayer who foots the initial bill for such imperialism. The propaganda machine of the Empire is […]

Trump’s Speech On Iran And It’s Claims Assessed

Donald Trump is nothing if not consistent. He has repeatedly made exaggerated or misleading or false claims about any number of nations and/or individuals. If his nonsense was confined to Stormy Daniels then it wouldn’t be such a problem. However, it now seems inevitable that the US and Israel will eventually find a way to […]

Respected Journalist Rubbishes Western Gas Attack Claims

Robert Fisk is a well-respected British journalist who often visits war-zones to uncover the truth behind the headlines. In this case, he has travelled to Syria to investigate the western claims that Assad used chemical weapons in East Douma. Fisk’s report appears to strongly contradict the official position of Israel, USA, UK and France in […]

Israel Dragging US Into World War III?

This article looks at the role Israel is playing in encouraging the US to become involved in a full-on confrontation with the major powers in the Middle East. The question must be asked, Is Israel behind the increasing US involvement, or are the US administration and its corporate comptrollers willingly headed to global war? – […]

Israel Moves To Ignite Global Conflict

Iranian forces in Syria launched a rocket attack on Israeli army bases in the Golan Heights early on Thursday, Israel said, prompting one of the heaviest Israeli barrages in Syria since the conflict there began in 2011, Reuters reports. The attack on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, just past midnight, marked the first time Iranian forces… via […]

Anti-Media Report On Syrian Gas Attack Lies

Events currently playing out in Syria may have strong repercussions for more than just the population there. The entire region has become a tinderbox because of the immoral and deceptive behaviour of Israel and the US Administration, with France and the UK hanging onto the shirttails of the twin demons of the Axis of Evil. Lies […]

Israel Using Syria As Smokescreen To Slaughter Palestinians

The criminal Zionist regime take advantage of distraction to kill four ore Palestinians including a 15 year old boy. The Independent. Gunfire from Israeli soldiers across a border fence killed four Palestinians, including a 15-year-old boy, and wounded more than 150 others, health officials said, as several thousand people in blockaded Gaza staged a fourth […] […]

Syrian ‘Gas Attack’ Now Deemed To Be Fabricated?

Medical personnel on the ground in Syria give testimony that those videos show people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning By Frank Sellers | The Duran | April 18, 2018 On April 7th, an attack was carried out in the town of Douma, just a few kilometers out of Syria’s capital, Damascus, which was […] […]

The Poor State Of Israel – An Analysis

In this article, the author takes a look behind the scenes in Israel to see if the Zionist state is as powerful and solid as it wants everyone to believe. It’s an interesting piece and should provoke some debate within both the Palestinian and Israeli communities. – If you enjoyed this, please share it –

French Zionist Connection – President Macron

After the illegal and immoral airstrikes recently carried out against Syria by the imperialist powers of the US, UK and France, it is perhaps worth noting the connection that President Macron has to Zionism. Macron has publicly stated, even boasted, that he has ‘convinced’ Trump to keep US troops in Syria for the long-term. Of […]