Pablo Neruda – The Fear

Pablo Neruda, that renowned and principled Chilean poet, is a favourite of Rebel Voice. Neruda won a Nobel Prize for literature and was a lifelong socialist stalwart. It was his political and humanitarian beliefs, as well as his success as a writer, that lead to the fascist, General Pinochet, having the scribe murdered whilst sick. […]

Imagine there is no war, my friend. — johncoyote

Imagine there is no war, my friend. Dear child, the world weeps blood. Whole world blinded by hate and separation. Who will tell the child? He was born with no chance or opportunity, born to learn to survive daily. Living in refugees camps. Unwanted and forgotten. ——————————– By a River I drove […] via Imagine there […]

Brendan Behan Poem – The Coming Of Spring

Here is a gentle piece of verse from the roguish Irish poet and playwright, Brendan Behan. Teacht an Earraigh – The Coming Of Spring Springtime Oh you coarse Gaelic Cold! I hate your sour expression! The north wind blows: Tough tormented trembling Without vitality or verve Without youth or use Until the bright feast of […]

Pablo Neruda – Lost In The Forest

Here is a beautiful, translated poem from the Chilean Nobel Prize Winner, Pablo Neruda. Fascists murdered Neruda but they couldn’t kill either his words or his legacy. The verse of Pablo will live on long after Pinochet is a sick footnote in Chilean history. Lost In The Forest Lost in the forest, I broke off […]

Pablo Neruda – The United Fruit Co.

The following poem by the Nobel prize-winning Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda, is a critique of the capitalist United Fruit Company, which was a US owned corporation that caused irreparable harm to any Latin American country that it set up in. The company was responsible for the term ‘Banana Republic, used to describe those nations effectively […]

Pablo Neruda – Lone Gentleman

Here is a beautiful poem from the Nobel Prize winning Chilean bard. Neruda, a committed Socialist, died as the result of an assassination ordered by the fascist dictator, General Pinochet. His poetry lives on while Pinochet’s legacy is one of bloodshed and deception. Ultimately, beautiful verse wins out again. Lone Gentleman The gay young men […]

Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel – Leighton J Rees

Here is a poem by a relative unknown with a passion for his craft. The power of the poem is a wondrous thing indeed. It is the great leveller and accessible to all. From the slum dweller to the resident of a penthouse, from one race to another, one gender to the next, poetry belongs to humanity. Long may it remain so.