British Spy Agencies And Their Oxbridge Origins

Readers of Rebel Voice in Ireland will be familiar with the activities of the British Spy Agencies of MI5 and MI6. Both organisations have a shady and fairly nasty history on the Emerald Isle which continues up to this very day. MI5 has a modern HQ at Palace Barracks in Holywood, just outside Belfast, an […]

Russian – British Fall-Out And Double Standards And Double Agents

In the recent case of poisoning of the Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, in England, the media and the British government have rushed to point the finger of blame at Russia. Although Putin is certainly capable of such an act, there would appear to be little mileage in it for him […]

Panorama Documentary On British Agent Stakeknife

This recent documentary looks at the role played by Freddie Scappaticci, the PIRA’s head of the nutting squad who was a long term British Agent responsible for the death of many people. This is just one more episode in the Dirty War fought by the colonial forces against militant Republicans in Ireland. The blood of […]

TARA – Paramilitary Group With Unionist Paedophiles

In the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, there ┬áis an alphabet soup of Unionist paramilitary organisations that have existed since the foundation of that particular sectarian gerrymander. Many have been listed in the Rebel Voice Book Review section when the book, UVF, was dealt with. One of those mentioned was the shadowy and little […]