Russian – British Fall-Out And Double Standards And Double Agents

In the recent case of poisoning of the Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, in England, the media and the British government have rushed to point the finger of blame at Russia.
Although Putin is certainly capable of such an act, there would appear to be little mileage in it for him at this time. Putin is aware that the US, the UK and NATO want him gone. Would he help to give them excuses to step up pressure upon him as this incident has done?
Theresa May has stated that the nerve agent used was of Russian manufacture. How does she know this? She knows because the British authorities must already have some of the same chemical for comparison. Therefore, the possibility exists that the entire matter is a false flag designed to encourage further sanctions on Russia with internal pressures being increased to hopefully (in British minds) oust Putin. If British agencies have the nerve agent used, as they have indirectly admitted, then how credible is their immediate accusation of Russia?
Perhaps Putin is guilty. Yet the evidence needs to be gathered and irrefutable proof presented. That has not been done. Russia has been condemned before the trial has even gotten underway. Can this be seen to be part of a larger plan to topple the leadership of Russia, with the Chinese soon to get a similar treatment? Sadly, it appears as if global conflict, the likes of which the world has never seen, is on the way. The stakes are as high as they can be in this game of cloak and dagger.
One final point. Britain has assassinated many people, including those who live under the jurisdiction of the UK. MI5 and MI6 both used killers within Unionism in the Occupied Six Counties in Ireland to murder politicians and solicitors and anyone else in the Republican community they chose, if it suited their warped agenda. According to May, it is acceptable for the British authorities to kill their own citizens at will, but it is not OK for another nation to kill its own citizens if they happen to be living in Britain.
Eddie Fullerton, a member of Sinn Féin, was murdered by British agents on 25th May, 1991. He was resident in the Irish Free State when he was gunned down. The perpetrators have never been caught. But then again, the SAS seldom if ever get investigated for their many crimes. The contradiction in the British position is sickeningly obvious.
There is a glaring double standard at play here in the mealy-mouthed utterances of both the British government and the British press. Expect no fair play when dealing with Perfidious Albion.

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