US Establishment Again Using Proxies For Nicaraguan Instability

The US`s Fingerprints Are All Over Nicaragua`s Bloody Civil Unrest SEE ALSO The Salvador Option: The US Is Once Again Supporting Death Squads in Central America Authored by Mac Slavo via, Bloody protests against Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega’s government have the United State’s fingerprints all over it. Over 100 people have been killed since […]

Inca Origins Investigated Via DNA

The Inca’s were a powerful civilization that dominated the western part of the South American continent prior to the disastrous arrival of European colonials. Many legends surround the origins of this incredible society. In this article, scientists have looked at the DNA of indigenous peoples to determine where the Inca’s came from. The results are […]

Russia And China Call For Respect For Venezuelan Election Results

After Nicolas Maduro’s resounding victory in the Venezuelan general election, there have been calls from two super-powers for other nations, most notably the US, to respect the results. The calls come as the US has tried to rubbish the election before they took place, and continues to pursue an agenda that would see the Latin […]

Hugo Chavez Legacy Examined

In this article, the legacy of Hugo Chavez is examined. The sadly deceased leader of the Venezuelan people was a giant within Latin American politics who left behind not only programs for advancement, but also a psychology that demanded better for all of the population. His passing is still being felt across the Americas today. […]

US Empire Interfering In Venezuelan Democratic Elections

The following brief report looks at the conduct of the US Administration and its continuing interference in the political processes in Venezuela. The South American country has vast oil reserves and is therefore a target for some US Capitalist ‘Freedom-makers’. It is nauseating to read how the mouthpieces of the Empire’s ruling elite are prepared […]

Child Poverty In Mexico – Shocking Statistics

Today, millions of children live in poverty and danger in a world where there is more than enough to provide safety and security for everyone. It is both shocking and sickening to read or hear of how children are forced to sleep on the streets or live on rubbish dumps as others spends thousands on […]

US Military Invited To Ecuador

The following article deals with a story that is flying under the radar of most. There have been attacks on the military of Ecuador along the border with Columbia. It has not been stated as to who is responsible for these attacks. Keep in mind that Colombia is very pro-US and is effectively controlled by […]

Cuban Democracy Versus US Plutocracy

The following article from TeleSur highlights the democratic values employed in Cuba, in contrast to the global Capitalist media spin that is usually woven to attack the revolutionary Caribbean nation. Whilst anyone can enter and climb the ladder in Cuban politics, if the people vote for them, the same cannot be said for politics in […]

Hugo Chavez Achievements

Hugo Chavez was an inspirational leader of the oppressed peoples of Latin America. He came from humble origins and never forgot how difficult it was growing up in an impoverished society. Chavez worked tirelessly to fairly distribute the immense oil wealth that Venezuela has. US administrations tried to topple him, even launching a failed coup, […]

The Neon Rain – James Lee Burke Novel

The Neon Rain  by James Lee Burke This is book 1 in the Dave Robicheaux series and was first published way back in 1987 when mullets were the rage everywhere but in the hallowed halls of Rebel Voice. In The Neon Rain, we, the dedicated followers of the southern Louisiana police detective, get to meet our […]