Mormons – Church of Jesus Chirst Of The Latter Day Saints

They control virtually all of the US state of Utah. The founded and own Salt Lake City. They have many famous adherents including Hollywood actress, Katherine Heigl and US presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Their previous practices of bigamy caused consternation among the US public. They are the Mormons. If you have ever wondered what exactly […]

Hidden Gospels From the Time Of Jesus

There are many interpretations of the New Testament that we all have access to. But there are numerous other writings, some of which are Gospels, which have not been widely made public. Of these hidden texts, two of the most famous are the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Judas. Scholars are debating the […]

Life Of Brian – Sermon On The Mount

In this clip from the funniest movie ever made, we see Brian and his mother trying to listen to Jesus as he preaches during the Sermon On The Mount. Unfortunately, there was no amplification in those days and mistakes can be made in what the audience hear. “Blessed are the cheese-makers” doesn’t quite have the […]

Early Irish Feminists With Holy Fire In Their Blood

Saint Moninne of Killeavey was one of Ireland’s earliest female saints. After vigorous instruction in the religious life, she founded a community, initially consisting of eight virgins and a widow with a baby, at Slieve Gullion, in what became, under the later colonial administration, County Armagh. They lived a reclusive life on the slopes of […]


Institutional   I spied the dais on which he stood so hued in elevation, Dispensing words upon the meek, there bowed in supplication And thought of what that platform meant, though slyly did it stay, Propelling up loquacious threats of pain on Judgement Day.   His head threw back in confidence, he sought to educate […]

Celebrity Hypocrisy? Stars Dripping In Gold

They wear jewelry worth millions and speak of Jesus and his gracious help to them in their lives. But are the celebrities who adorn themselves in decadent splendor hypocrites of the worst kind, or are they merely misunderstood?