Mormons – Church of Jesus Chirst Of The Latter Day Saints

They control virtually all of the US state of Utah. The founded and own Salt Lake City. They have many famous adherents including Hollywood actress, Katherine Heigl and US presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Their previous practices of bigamy caused consternation among the US public. They are the Mormons.

If you have ever wondered what exactly this unusual faith believes, then wonder no more, for Rebel Voice has thought to answer your questions with this video presentation by a practicing Mormon. It has foreign prophets, Jesus in America, A US prophet named Joseph Smith and a whole heap of gold, fashioned into plates and used as the original pages for their famous Book of Mormon, then translated by Joe Smith. Rebel Voice wonders where this mythical book is kept in the home of the angel Moroni, and just how much it’s worth in today’s market?

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