Hidden Gospels From the Time Of Jesus

There are many interpretations of the New Testament that we all have access to. But there are numerous other writings, some of which are Gospels, which have not been widely made public. Of these hidden texts, two of the most famous are the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Judas. Scholars are debating the meanings of these ancient writings but the public are still in the dark. Some of the most ancient manuscripts discovered are keep secret as they are believed to contradict the four Gospels that have been deemed acceptable by the early Christian Church. It is intriguing to consider what may lie in the material that is being hidden from the global congregation. Perhaps, one day, we may be afforded the opportunity to read the translations of these Gospels, so that we can decide for ourselves who and what is real.

The following looks at some of the characters that we might have heard of, but know little about. Some strong personalities were written out of official teachings. Take a look and see do you recognize any of them from your religious instruction.

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2 Responses

  1. Just may be they will one day make the translation available, but who will certify the translation they float around. That is the biggest question in such cases. So much has been distorted by disseminating inaccurate and tactfully carried out translations of Scripture when it comes to all three revealed Abrahamic religions that one cannot but be highly sceptical in these matters.

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