Declan Hunt – Bold Robert Emmet

This ballad is about the Irish rebel, Robert Emmet who launched a failed uprising in 1803. Emmet was a protestant Republican who succeeded in getting the support of Napoleon for the United Irishmen rebellion of 1798. It was too little, too late. Robert Emmet was hung and then beheaded on 20th September, 1803. Confusion still […]

Fenian Brotherhood – North American Solidarity And War With Canada

The Fenian Brotherhood was a revolutionary organisation founded in the USA in 1858 by John O’Mahony. His comrade, James Stephens, who was on the European mainland at that time, returned to Ireland to found the sister organisation of the Fenians, known as the Irish Republican Brotherhood. In the US, the Fenians decided to apply pressure […]

Celts And Saxons – Rebel Poem By Thomas Davis

In this piece of inspired verse, Thomas Davis calls to all those born on the island of Ireland to stand together as Irish people, in opposition to the yoke of English colonialism. He believed that the Irish identity did not depend on bloodlines but on feelings of the heart. His hope was that those of […]

1798 – General Humbert’s French Troops Fight For Ireland

In 1798, as Irish patriots fought the colonial forces of Britain, General┬áJean Joseph Amable Humbert, sailed to the west coast of Ireland to assist the Irish in their bid for national freedom. Sadly, the Napoleonic troops arrived too late, as the United Irishmen’s rebellion had already been effectively subdued by this stage. The Republican forces […]

1798 – Battle Of Vinegar Hill

This short documentary provides some insight into the tragic Battle of Vinegar Hill in Wexford, fought between the United Irishmen and the British military. There is a re-enactment shown, as well some some academic commentary. This is well worth the look for anyone interesting in better understanding Irish Republicanism. Sadly, Irish Republicans are too prone […]

Irish Civil Rights Marches Obstructed And Attacked By Colonials

This short clip is narrated in the typically snotty accent of the English Establishment. It shows a civil rights march through the Nationalist town of Newry that was obstructed by the colonial forces in 1969. In this next clip we again have a snotty twat narrating on yet another civil rights march through the Irish […]

United Irishmen 1798 – The Birth Of Irish Republicanism

It is one of the greatest tragedies of Irish history that the momentum of the United Irishmen, who fought for freedom, was lost. In 1798, men and women of all religious persuasions set aside their long-held differences to stand together and fight for a free and independent Irish Republic. The leaders of the 1798 Rising […]

‘A Legend Of Tyrone’ And ‘To Ireland’

  Women have always played an important role in Irish rebellion. Whether they were active militants, such as Lady Markievicz, or were providing logistical support such as Mary Ann McCracken, or were writing literature, such as our focus today, Ellen O’Leary, the womanhood of Ireland have been to the fore in an ofttimes male-dominated world. […]

Planxty – Follow Me Up To Carlow

This fine Irish rebel song, which is a firm favourite of Rebel Voice, has some of the best lyrics to be found anywhere; ‘Rooster of a fighting stock, would you let a Saxon cock Crow out upon an Irish rock, fly up and teach him some manners’