1798 – General Humbert’s French Troops Fight For Ireland

In 1798, as Irish patriots fought the colonial forces of Britain, General Jean Joseph Amable Humbert, sailed to the west coast of Ireland to assist the Irish in their bid for national freedom.

Sadly, the Napoleonic troops arrived too late, as the United Irishmen’s rebellion had already been effectively subdued by this stage. The Republican forces were defeated and the French soldiers captured as POWs, and then sent back to France. However, in stark contrast to how the French troops were treated, the Irish who fought the British were all executed as traitors. Humbert came under much criticism for not trying to plead the case for a stay of execution for the Irish men who fought so bravely beside him. C’est la vie…

What follows, is some footage of the re-enactments that take place in Killala to remember the French part in an Irish war.

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