Bear And Tiger Fight (Neither Die) – Video

This is a fascinating clip from India where a male Bengal tiger attempts to kill a female Sloth Bear cub, but doesn’t fully realize that you shouldn’t come between a mother bear and her offspring. Although the footage can be viewed dispassionately, it should be remembered that the tiger is trying to kill the mother […]

14 Roads That Test the Nerve – Would You Dare?

In this brief video, we get a look at some of the most incredible and dangerous roads in the world. They span the Andes, the mountains of China and the deserts of Australia to name but a few. They are so bad as to be almost as precarious as those to be found in south […]

Indian Communists Lead The Nation

The following article from teleSur gives a remarkable insight into the communist Indian state of Kerala. From women’s and LGBT rights, to the abandonment of the caste system, to free health care, the Keralan state government is miles ahead of the rest of the nation. India is second only to China in terms of population, […]

India’s Rebels Fight For People’s Rights

Conditions in India are appalling for many of the citizens. Inequality is standard practice. Corruption and discrimination are endemic. Although the world’s second most populous nation, India’s government does much less to assist its people than their neighbour China, which has a larger population. It will take radical change to improve the living conditions for […]

India Looks Left For Justice

The entire nation of India needs to follow the lead of its Kerala State, as demonstrated in the article from teleSur below. The living conditions for many in the world’s second most populous nation are horrendous. The caste system is a despicable method of discriminating against the innocent. India has enough food and natural resources, […]