Luke Kelly – School Days Over (Working Class Ballad)

This is a beautifully poignant song about the terrible way many children were deprived of the chance to enjoy their youthful innocence. It speaks of the young boys who were sent down the mines from a very young age. Many boys were, perhaps, enthused with the idea of joining their fathers, and uncles and older […]

Summary From A Dark Place – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Here is a hard-hitting piece of free verse from our resident Irish poet, A.D. This offering speaks of the manner in which Capitalism exploits and diminishes the lives of the citizenry. Summary from a Dark Place   The patchwork sky is undecided, hold or release Trees wait patiently and shuffle in anticipation Troubled minions flit […]

Hugo Chavez Achievements

Hugo Chavez was an inspirational leader of the oppressed peoples of Latin America. He came from humble origins and never forgot how difficult it was growing up in an impoverished society. Chavez worked tirelessly to fairly distribute the immense oil wealth that Venezuela has. US administrations tried to topple him, even launching a failed coup, […]

The Empire Files – The Tyranny Of Big Oil

In this episode, Abby Martin investigates the influence, methodology and ruthless power of the US oil industry. This is yet another informative documentary by the prominent US journalist. – If you care, give it a share –

To The Bright And Shining Sun

To the Bright and Shining Sun   by Jame Lee Burke In Rebel Voice‘s previous book review of Rain Gods, the author, James Lee Burke, stated his belief that it was his best novel. Rebel Voice, however, is of the opinion that To the Bright and Shining Sun is better, and is perhaps his very best […]

International Immigrants Day

Here are some facts and figures regarding the emigration and refugee crisis that affects millions across our world today. The suffering is unimaginable and avoidable, yet continues. – If you care, give it a share –

Bolivian Leader Condemns Scourge Of Capitalism

Evo Morales is a true world leader. As an indigenous statesman, he has observed and experienced the horrors and hardship of both colonialism and its legacy, and the effects of capitalism. When Morales speaks, he speaks strong words that make sense to all who possess that faculty. Latin America has had, and still has, many […]

Right-wing Nutters Pay Venezuelan Children To Riot

This is a disgraceful tactic employed by those who have no morality. The so-called ‘opposition’ consists of lackeys paid for by rabid capitalists who are determined to seize control of Venezuela’s resources at any cost. Using their wealth, these Surplass comptrollers are manipulating the poor by paying them to protest. I expect they would be […]

Violence Against Women, Global Problem

The issue of violence against women, especially in a domestic setting, is one deserving of urgent attention and remedy. Although the following article deals with the epidemic proportions of such abuse in Brazil, the trend is global. Statistics do not tell the whole tale. Numbers do not inform us of the terror that women suffer […]