Violence Against Women, Global Problem

The issue of violence against women, especially in a domestic setting, is one deserving of urgent attention and remedy.

Although the following article deals with the epidemic proportions of such abuse in Brazil, the trend is global. Statistics do not tell the whole tale. Numbers do not inform us of the terror that women suffer at the anticipation of violence, which can be worse than the actual violence itself.


The entire horror becomes intensified when there are children in the home. Some women will allow themselves to be beaten in an effort to prevent such abuse being meted out to their children. The children themselves are always terrified, and will carry the emotional and often physical scars for the rest of their lives.

Violence against women and children is a grossly negative action that inspires grossly negative repercussions that might last for generations, as the cycle repeats. In so-called developed countries, domestic abuse is also a major issue, yet various factors (such as fear, shame, humility and low self-esteem) contribute to the lack of reporting of such attacks.

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Governments and communities need to move swiftly to counter this unacceptable state of affairs, no matter where it is found. They need to break the cycle, and create a new, more benevolent, pattern of behaviour throughout our societies.

Capitalism, and the dog-eat-dog attitude that it inspires, is not the answer. Only a communal socialist mind-set will solve the issues dealt with in the article below.

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