Corporate Fashion Industry Burns Surplus Clothes To Prevent Those In Need From Getting Them

Rebel Voice has often heard the maxim, It’s an ill-divided world. One of the sectors where this can be seen is in the fashion industry. Garments that are made in one place by exploited workers, are bought in others for extortionate prices by those who are oblivious to the harm that their purchases cause. A dress that cost $0.90 to make often sells for $50-60. Those who create these fashion items are very poorly paid and often work in dangerous conditions. The consumer is fleeced. The middle-man, i.e. the Corporation, makes off like a bandit.

Although there is today a greater awareness of this global problem, it has still not been effectively dealt with. Nor will it be unless western governments seize the initiative and act to severely punish those corporations found guilty of such exploitation. Strong words of condemnation are not enough. Massive fines must be imposed. Such punitive measures will hurt the corporations where it hurts them most.

There is no point in appealing to the conscience of companies that do not recognize the concept. Nor will there be any gain in pointing out the suffering of the workforce to their employers. If they cared enough, then their personnel would not be treated so poorly to begin with. There can only be affirmative action that deals a strong blow to the profits of offending global behemoths. That is what they understand.

In the following article, TeleSur looks at wastage in the fashion industry, and how the Capitalist corporations regularly destroy good clothes rather than see them given to those who having little or nothing. Such a greedy, destructive and unscrupulous practice highlights what is a shameful approach to living, and goes some way in demonstrating just how perverse and immoral the Capitalist system is.

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  1. Those would be enough to clothe quite a number of needy honestly… I guess as you point out nothing other than a penalty can make this stop… the kind of courage shown by the Irish Senate in passing the bill to ban Israeli settlement products…

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