Minoans – First European Civilisation

Europe has many ancient civilizations. From west of the Black Sea all the way to Ireland, the people began to organise themselves into societies with rules and laws. Writing was invented, armies formed and, of course, taxes imposed. Of the earliest of these regulated collectives was the Minoan of Crete and the Aegean islands of […]

Mayan Codex Oldest Manuscript In Latin America

The ancient civilizations of the pre-Hispanic Americas are fascinating. There is still so much that is to be learned about them. Rebel Voice sees a rising awareness among the people of those continents, in which they are beginning to more fully embrace their inherited American identity, separate from the European introduced one. It is not […]

Punic Wars – Rome And Carthage Go To War

It was one of the greatest rivalries of the ancient world. The mighty Empires of both Rome and Carthage fought twice until eventually those canny Italians emerged victorious. Carthage was a naval power. Rome was not. So it was that the Romans had to quickly learn the craft of fighting at sea. They learned fast […]

Fairy Folklore Of County Clare, Ireland

Ireland is a nation steeped in both the supernatural and paranormal. Whether it is selkies, banshees, leprechauns or politicians, the Emerald Isle has more than its fair share of scary and corruptible creatures. Yet one Otherworldly entity holds a grip upon the people more than any other, and that is the fairies. Travel around rural […]

Maha Teaches How To Read And Write Arabic In 6 Lessons

Learning to read and write Arabic requires patience and determination. In this lesson, Maha introduces us to the language step by step. It should help to provide a basis for progress and should motivate the viewer into further study. Enjoy! If you enjoyed this, please share

Zulu Nation – Survivors Of Colonialism

This news report from Africa provides a brief look at one of the most feared and respected tribal groups on the African continent. The Zulus have a 200 year history, immersed in a struggle to survive against the British Empire. Today, there are approximately 11 million people who claim Zulu ancestry in South Africa. This […]

Silk Road – Ancient Trade HighwayExplained

This is a flying visit to the famed Silk Road, which wasn’t made of silk and wasn’t a single road. It did have silk on it, probably trendy boxer shorts worn by Bedouin traders as they sold dates and palm oil and mobile phones. Anyhow, the following video is a basic introduction to these trading […]

Chinese History, 2000 Years – Confucius And The Mandate Of Heaven

‘The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.’ With these wise words, Confucius has condemned Capitalism. The following video introduces us to that most erudite and enigmatic of philosophers and the land from which he hailed. Perhaps you will learn pearls of wisdom that will stand you in good […]

Mughal Empire – Rise And Fall Of An Indian Power

The Mughals were an Islamic Empire that ruled India for about 200 years. Some their leaders were known as relatively progressive for the time and best remembered for their architectural projects, the most widely known of which is the magical Taj Mahal. Their glory days was based around tolerance but a lack of tolerance was […]

Choctaw Cultural Revival – A Battle For Identity

The Choctaw have a special place in the hearts of Irish people. During the Great Famine of the 1800’s, when hunger was at its worst in the Emerald Isle, word of the people’s suffering reached the ears of the Choctaw people. Although these indigenous people were themselves suffering due to the vile policy of ethnic […]