Khazar History – An Ancient Jewish Empire That Threatens Modern Israel?

Here’s another opportunity to learn about the Khazarian Empire which converted to Judaism in the 8th century. This political entity went on to provide the Jewish people of Europe who eventually colonised modern Palestine and continue to expand their new Empire.

Rebel Voice

This lightly presented piece looks at the conversion of the Khazars to Judaism in the 8th century. The narrator doesn’t appear to be too concerned about his very casual attitude, and the article is probably the better for it.

Many academics still dispute the premise given in this video, yet it would appear that there is documentary evidence to support it. Of course, such a revelation, if true, would mean that most of those who claim a Jewish identity today i.e. the Ashkenazim, are not Semitic but are of Turk ancestry. That has repercussions for the Middle East and Israel in particular. After all, the ideology of Zionism is founded upon the claim of a Semitic people to a land that was allegedly inhabited by their ancient ancestors. But if they’re not Semites…?

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  1. The entire story they have constructed will fall apart, it should have by now anyways given the evidence which has been disputed for the sake of disputing it, but what to do, there is no one better at lying and deceiving besides the Zionist psychos that come in all shapes and forms from all corners of the globe. Such an irony that non-Semite Zionist Khazarians penalize every voice that dares to speak against their agenda by labeling it as antisemitic while they blatantly continue to oppress the real Semites.

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