Irish Men In Deadly Struggle To Capture Wiley Mouse

Here we get a chance to see the way in which noble Irishmen went from being feared warriors of global renown to being afraid of mice. OK, the mouse in question likely has sharp pointy teeth, but still, the two men in question should at least try to look as if they’re not big scaredy cats. They know they’re on camera for god’s sake. Cú Chulainn is turning in his grave.

Rebel Voice

In this homemade instalment, the same family that fought a vicious battle with a bat in the kitchen, return to take on a man-eating mouse. It’s easy to think of the mouse in this clip lying behind the sofa laughing uproariously at the efforts of Derry to catch him, as he listens to the squealing commentary of the less-than-brave son. Rebel Voice wonders what terrifying animal they’ll tackle next, a wasp perhaps, or a large spider? Heaven help them if an aggressive squirrel turns up.

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