Fact check – US Governmental Lies About Iran and The Sanction Regime

Here’s a timely reminder of what’s really behind the US Imperial attacks on Iran. The profiteers would see us all dead or dying in their insatiable drive for more, and more, and more of what they already have too much of.

Rebel Voice

“Truth is the first casualty of war” – But sometimes truth becomes a victim before the war ever begins, as is the case in US depictions of events in both Venezuela and Iran at present. Today, there is a concerted campaign by forces within the US regime to misrepresent and lie about what is taking place in the US imperial disputes with Venezuela and Iran.

The ground is being prepared by those who desire war. War is profit. War is power. War is dominance. War will see US access to, and control of, the vast oil reserves of Venezuela and Iran. War with Iran will also serve the Israeli agenda of imperial control of the Middle East. Puppets have been installed in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE. Jordan is a lapdog of the US. Iraq is in turmoil. Syria is in tatters. Iran is standing strong and…

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