Summary From A Dark Place – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Here’s another chance to read a piece of protest verse from the resident poet of Rebel Voice. In this the author speaks of the injustice that is part and parcel of Capitalism.

Rebel Voice

Here is a hard-hitting piece of free verse from our resident Irish poet, A.D. This offering speaks of the manner in which Capitalism exploits and diminishes the lives of the citizenry.

Summary from a Dark Place

The patchwork sky is undecided, hold or release

Trees wait patiently and shuffle in anticipation

Troubled minions flit and fight, almost oblivious

As the World turns unabated.

The wireless whispers

that which I already know

Miles from here

Strong clammy stained hands clutch at life

Steal it away

The imbalance continues to exasperate

The hypocrisy continues to deal fate

And the State watches.

In their Green Rooms

the Capitalist actors laugh

And guzzle and sneer

And appear before the many

To lie and con

To confuse and manipulate

To determine our Fate.

Over there they waddle obesely overfed

While over there they starve and whither

And die

Nourishment denied

The parents too shrivelled to…

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