Eureka! Archimedes And His Naked Discovery

Here’s another chance to get to know that naked Greek, Archimedes, who was a naturalist long before it became fashionable in certain circles. Eureka simply means “I’ve found it”, Archimedes may have been referring to the bar of expensive soap that he’d been searching for. We might never know, but this article could help.

Rebel Voice

This is a great explanation of how Archimedes arrived at his discovery of the Law of Buoyancy. He was also reputed to have stated, Give me the place to stand and I will move the Earth. Ole Archimedes was something of a wit for his time. The formulae created by this groovy Greek are still in use today. That’s one hell of a fine legacy for a man who likes to run (allegedly) naked through the streets shocking all the grannies of the ancient world.

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