Kelly’s Heroes – Burning Bridges (Movie Soundtrack)

Kelly’s Heroes is a 1970 war movie about some opportunism within the US army as they discover a massive cache of gold being guarded by the SS. The enterprising individuals, led by Kelly – played by Clint Eastwood – set out to try to acquire the precious metal for their own use.

Although it’s a solid war movie with plenty of action, it’s also fairly tongue-in-cheek. There is a strong cast with the likes of Eastwood, Telly Savalas and Harry Dean Stanton to name but a few. But the show was stolen by the performance of Donald Sutherland who played the role of Oddball, the beatnik tank commander who specialised in dog impressions.

The theme song by The Mike Curb Congregation is a classic. Michael Curb was the 42nd Lieutenant Governor of California. Here is his biggest hit for your enjoyment.

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