Who is a Jew? – A Brief Analysis Of The Tribe

Here’s another chance to explore the Jewish identity in a light manner.

Rebel Voice

In our world today, riven as it is by political conflict for a myriad of reasons, we are continually faced with endless questions regarding the identities of various population groups, national or otherwise. One such distinctive populace at the centre of world affairs due to the unfortunate situation in Palestine, are the Jewish people.

Growing up in Ireland, and long before the emergence of Rebel Voice, I was aware of the suffering of the Jewish people during the Holocaust, and the horrific attempts that were made to completely exterminate the entire Jewish population of Europe. I later learned of the persecution of this people throughout the centuries. At the age of eleven, I read the novel, “I Am David”, a beautiful book written by the Danish novelist, Anne Holm, which was part of the UK curriculum. It told of a young Jewish boy escaping the Holocaust. It made…

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