Status Report – Anti-Capitalist Poem

Here’s another chance to read some Extract verse about the pain of Capitalism today.

Rebel Voice

This piece of verse from resident poet, A.D. is formed in the Extract Poetry style. In this method, the verse is shaped to seem as if it is an excerpt taken from a larger piece of writing. The ellipsis is often used at the beginning, middle or end.

Status Report 

… and the meek will inherit the garbage and skips

for the weak have no power to fight, overcome,

but the righteous who stand and defend the oppressed

have the strength to defeat callous blight.

… how many stand,

lay siege to the scourge

of ruthless ambitions and gain

made simple via attachment and apathetic hunger

which abstracts the growling growing pains of young life,

… stymied by ruthless ambition and greed,

oblivious to all but the bubble of I and ME

and wanton over-need that feeds

upon the meek and weak and oppressed

who hoke in the garbage…

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