Gaza Fights For Freedom: Sneak Preview Of Empire Files Documentary

The story of Gaza is one that deserves to be told. Sadly, Zionism has gotten its bloodstained claws upon the western MSM and is refusing to let go. Israel and its supporters know that if the truth were to find its way into the minds of the population of this planet, then the rogue Zionist state would fall, and quickly. To this end, Zionists are fighting tooth and nail for the survival of Israel. They will stop at nothing in preventing the full story of places like Gaza from emerging.

Thankfully, for every committed Zionist – or Zionist who should be committed – there are many more honourable pro-Palestinians who will continue to struggle to see to it that global citizens get a full account of what is happening in Palestine, and in Gaza in particular. It is quite telling that the truth is a weapon that Palestinians and their friends can use to defeat Israel. The rogue Zionist state, however, needs darkness to survive and thrive, like a toxic fungus.

The following is a trailer for the new Empire Files documentary, Gaza Fights For Freedom which has been released and is available to watch on Vimeo. Presenter, Abby Martin, has long been a friend to the oppressed of the world, and this documentary is yet anther way to fight back against the brutality of Israel. Rebel Voice recommends this video for those who can afford the viewing price. It tells of the Right of Return marches and the manner in which the Israeli regime has sought to suppress the right of the people to protest, whilst lying yet again to the world about their criminal actions.

Take a look and see if it’s for you and your’s.

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