Saturn’s Moons – A Second Home For Humanity?

As Trump moves swiftly to destroy the entire planet and all on it, here is a look at some alternatives for humanity. Unfortunately, all flights to the vicinity are fully booked for the foreseeable, and property is at a premium.

Rebel Voice

The following video takes a look at the second largest planet in our solar system and its moons. As humanity gazes Off-world for room to accommodate our rapidly growing numbers, we must investigate all planetary bodies for their possibilities as new homes. It’s exciting to think that in the future of our species, we will have colonies on such distant and aliens moons.

The sooner we can get some of our eggs in another basket or two, the sooner we can rest assured that our species will survive whatever shocks the cosmos is undoubtedly going to throw at our home world. The clock is ticking, so look at this program as a peek at future real estate. Where would you like to live? If you choose one of these moons, Rebel Voice knows a man who can get you a good deal on a semi-detached biosphere with a good size…

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