Top 10 Creepy Cults In Movies

Creepy cults. That could describe the British Tory Party. Change one letter and that would still describe the British Tory Party. Having seen the Children of the Corn, Rebel Voice still shivers when a blonde child looks this way, and don’t get us started on wicker furniture.

Anyhoo, here’s a look at one list of 10 of the creepiest cults to be found in the wonderful world of the movie. Sometimes fact really is stranger than fiction and in Ireland we had a cult known as The Screamers. This group of binlids believed in releasing the Primal Scream that they claim lies within all of us. To this end they took to screaming whenever they felt like it. As they had set up their cult on beautiful and remote Arranmore Island, off the rugged coast of Donegal, they succeeded only in scaring the shit out of local people and livestock alike.

Rebel Voice is unsure what sort of movie The Screamers would make – although the title is a winner but might be confused with a porno these days. It might be an interesting enough tale, as they left Ireland when all the cows were producing yogurt due to all the upset, and made their way to Colombia where two members, one a grandson of its founder (English woman, Jenny James), were killed by revolutionary group FARC. Perhaps the Colombians were not as tolerant as the Irish when it came to head-the-balls screaming at all and sundry.

Have a scally at some fictional cults and be glad they they don’t exist near to you. Or do they…?

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