Stories From Gaza – A Young Protester’s Life

The stories of terror that regularly emerge from the tortured land and people of Palestine are many. Brave men, women and children struggle daily to forge decent lives for themselves, and each other, in face of constant Israeli brutality and Apartheid. Those of us on the outside can only look on in both admiration at the tenacity and strength of the Palestinian people, and horror that the Israeli regime can continue to get away unpunished with what it is doing.

The following video introduces us to just one of those Palestinians in Gaza, Tawfiq Jaga, a young protester who has taken part in the Great March of Return, which consists of protests every Friday at the Israeli military encirclement of Gaza. This civil rights demonstration has been ongoing since March 2018 with hundreds of civilians shot dead and thousands severely wounded by Israeli sniper and gas attacks.

The quality of the footage in this article is excellent and well worth the look-see. It’s an important account of just one life among many, as an oppressed people strive to maintain their dignity and lives as Israeli aggressions persist unabated, and the governments of the West look on in veritable silence.

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