Another Top 10 Famous People Who Were Blacklisted In Hollywood

The entertainment business can be a fickle world, especially if you have independent opinions. Stars, rising and otherwise, are all concerned with their careers. They network and hobnob and cajole to further their own place within that domain. This often means that intelligent people, as many celebrities are, will ignore whatever principles they have in a bid to protect their position within their industry. How else to explain why Hollywood is so Zionist even though the brutal actions of Zionists in Palestine are clearly known?

Sometimes, however, some stars speak out and land themselves right in it. OK, not everything they say makes sense, nor is it appropriate. Often, they are reprimanded for being difficult or unruly. But, on occasion, some advocates of justice take on a cause and the callous self-aggrandising behemoth that is Hollywood will come crashing down on them. Heaven help us all if we should have our own opinions and feel like expressing them.

The following list is just one of any number that take a look at those within the Entertainment Industry who have fell foul of the powers-that-be in the world of make-believe. Rebel Voice wonders how many of these stories you were aware of and which stars you would support to make a come-back?

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