Klandestino Palestino – Pro-Palestine Protest Song

The campaign to see justice done in Palestine is gathering momentum. Across our world, organisations and some governments are moving to counter the fascist and Apartheid policies of the rogue state of Israel. As a result, Zionists are becoming more desperate and dangerous in their attempts to smother all truth and protest.

One powerful means of confronting the evil of Zionism is via music and song. Rebel Voice has had the privilege of featuring a number of pro-Palestinian protests songs. More are being produced every day. We will continue to share them as and when we can.

The following video is very graphic. It shows the true effects of Israeli crimes against humanity, especially those perpetrated against children in Gaza. As bad as these images are (and they are upsetting), they must be seen and shared so that everyone might know. The music is powerful, as it must be to accompany such a video. The lyrics are in Spanish but the viewer need not speak the language to understand the message.

Please share this song and video and get the truth out there.

Here is another song for Palestine: Soleil de la Palestine (Sun of Palestine) – Beautiful Song For The Children of Palestine

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