Bugsy Malone – Down & Out (Children’s Musical)

Here’s another hit from the successful and ever-popular children’s musical, Bugsy Malone. This has to be one of the most under-rated musicals in history. The soundtrack is a knock-out and manages to incorporate adult themes into a movie featuring only child actors. In this song and scene, we are reminded that tomorrow’s another day. We […]

The Sun Is Burning – Luke Kelly (Ian Campbell Song)

This haunting song was composed and written by Scottish folk singer, Ian Campbell,¬†and first released in 1963 but made famous by Simon and Garfunkel, who included it on their first album, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., one year later. It tells of the horrors of a nuclear blast and was written at a time when the […]

In The News – Kris Kristofferson (Folk)

Kris Kristofferson might well be the coolest person on the planet. Rebel Voice has long been a fan of this folk and country legend, and this song of his from his 2006 album, This Old Road, just goes to show how thoroughly decent and talented he is. Kris will be 83 on 22nd June of […]

Klandestino Palestino – Pro-Palestine Protest Song

The campaign to see justice done in Palestine is gathering momentum. Across our world, organisations and some governments are moving to counter the fascist and Apartheid policies of the rogue state of Israel. As a result, Zionists are becoming more desperate and dangerous in their attempts to smother all truth and protest. One powerful means […]

Don McLean – Masters Of War [Folk]

As our world moves inexorably to global war at the behest of Trump, his corporations and Israel, the words of this protest song by Don McLean will never be more relevant. If you enjoyed this, please share

John Denver – Moreton Bay (Folk)

This is a lesser known song of the brutalities meted out to the Irish who found themselves transported to the penal colonies in Australia. Many of the airs used in these laments are used time and again, although the fine lyrics negate any boredom with the melody. Here, John Denver tackles the song during a […]

Irish Folk Singer – Paul Brady – Arthur McBride

This wonderful anti-war song, covered by Bob Dylan among others, tells of two young men, one of whom was Arthur McBride, who encounter a British recruiting Sergeant and his drummer boy in Napoleonic times in Ireland. The two Irishmen dispute the proposed merits of joining the British army only to be sent to the continent […]

Palestine Version Of See You Again

And now for something completely different. Or not all that different. Perhaps just a little off to one side. And not really all that far at that. Oh, for fuck’s sake, just watch the damn video and see what you think. Or don’t think. We wouldn’t want to tell you what to do. The kettle’s […]

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon

Perhaps this song could serve as a reminder for those who believe that they are patriots, when they follow orders given by war mongering politicians who have not the courage to serve in wars themselves, in defence of their own countries, but would instead send young men and women to do the killing and dying […]