Nabi Saleh – Palestinian Village Under Oppression And On The Edge

Nabi Saleh is a village 20 km north-west of Ramallah with a population of approximately 600. It is home to the famous Tamimi family, the most well-known member being Ahed who has been a social activist throughout and since her childhood. When the Zionist occupation of Palestine began, Nabi Saleh continually held a place as one of the most noble villages in the region. It came under militaristic Israeli control after the conflict of 1967.

The residents have consistently refused to be bullied or intimidated by the fascist Israeli colonial regime. They have suffered for their courageous stance with as many as 350 being injured by the Israeli military between 2010 and 2016 when weekly protests were called off. 50 of that number were seriously disabled by Israeli weaponry.

The following is an introduction to this typically brave village of Palestine, as recorded by a resident.

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