Israeli War On Journalists And Civilians: True Stories From Gaza

The crimes against humanity as perpetrated by the rogue state of Israel are legion. They have been well-documented and reported in face of global Zionist media attempts to smother them. Yet nothing substantial is being undertaken by the international community to prevent such further crimes. Talk is cheap. The UN fiddles while the people of Palestine burn.

The figures of dead and injured from Gaza alone are both shocking and staggering. However, as horrendous as such statistics can be, they fail to personalise the truth. Each number, each percentile, is a life or lives. They represent people who had an existence and dreams. They had, and hopefully are still alive to have, those who love them. They have those who will grieve for them. They all deserve our thoughts and respect.

The following article introduces us to the human side of those statistics. It gifts us with a terrible but necessary insight into how it is for the people of Palestine. It tells us what it is really like when you become a tragic victim of the evil ideology called Zionism.

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