“Free Palestine” Protesters March On AIPAC – Human Rights Defenders Grow In Confidence

The battle for the hearts and minds of the US public is heating up as pro-Palestinians seize the initiative and make their voices heard and the truth known. Since the inception of the rogue state of Israel, US politicians have provided unquestioning support for it. This flies in the face of well-documented human rights abuses by the Zionist state.

A compliant US MSM has assisted in hoodwinking the populace of that nation, and constant misrepresentation of the news, biased reporting, or censorship, has been routinely deployed to facilitate further Israeli atrocities.

But now it appears as if there is going to be change. With the election of a number of Congresswomen (note: women) who are either openly supportive of Palestine or at the very least not supportive of Israeli deceptions and aggression, the tide is beginning to turn in Palestine’s favour. It helps when human rights groups, such as Jewish Voice for Peace, continue to work tirelessly to highlight the injustice that is Israel.

Today, in the US, opposition to Israel is becoming mainstream, and that terrifies the rabid Zionists who have long dictated US foreign policy for the Middle East. Although the MSM is still solidly Zionist, they are being circumvented via the internet. Palestinians have nothing to fear from the truth. Israel has everything to lose if the truth is known. The US public are beginning to learn the terrible truth about what has been, and is being, done with the support of their politicians and governments, all paid for with US taxpayer’s hard earned cash.

Rebel Voice is both delighted and relieved to see how the informed people of the US are increasingly making their displeasure at Israeli interference in US government policies known. It’s not before time and long may it continue. The following footage demonstrates the growing confidence to be found in the pro-Palestinian movement in the USA. Note how, in this video, both Muslims and Jews are standing shoulder to shoulder in defiance of aggressive and vindictive Zionism, exactly the kind to be found in the ranks of AIPAC.

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