The Empire Files – Trump’s Syria Deception

The conflict in Syria has been a long and bloody affair. At first glance, it appears to be drawing to a close, but is it? As ISIS have been effectively defeated, and the mopping up of the ragged remains of their army continues, various players are moving to further their own agendas in the beleaguered Syrian nation.

The greatest problem would seem to be that of the Kurds. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are the main vehicle being used by the Kurds in the Syrian Civil War. The group has been heavily equipped by the US Empire. It also has factions from the ‘Free Syrian Army‘, which is an anti-Assad grouping, and enjoys the support of the rogue state of Israel. The YPG, another Kurdish military group with connections to the PKK (so many initialisms), is closely aligned with the SDF and comes under regular attack from Turkish forces. The PKK is waging a guerrilla war inside Turkey and demanding an independent Kurdish state. It is all a recipe for disaster.

Turkey has a long-standing dispute with the Kurds. President Erdogan is strongly opposed to giving the Kurds any freedom to create their own state. Assad is understandably determined to prevent the break-up of Syria, an aim of both the US regime and that of Israel. Although ISIS have been defeated, the likelihood now exists that it will be the Kurds who are central to future events in Syria.

In this presentation, Abby Martin takes a look at the covert and deceptive US approach to the Syrian conflict and the repercussions for all, in what is currently the most volatile region on the planet.

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