Leopards Learning To Hunt Catfish (Video)

It ain’t easy being a big cat in Africa. You have to chase down your food, which might hurt you severely and even kill you. You have to protect your food from other predators, including packs of giggling hyenas. You have to find and keep a mate. And you have to try to not get eaten yourself, as some animals are not particular about what they scoff. Rebel Voice is talking to you, crocodiles. No, it ain’t easy.

So when a big cat, such as a leopard, discovers what might be a relatively safe source of food, they would be mad to ignore it. Leopards are many things but mad ain’t one of them. In the following video, we see how these beautiful creatures learn to catch catfish floundering in the mud. It’s not pretty, and the fine feline attire that the leopard wears does get a tad dirty. But then again, when their bellies are full, they likely don’t care too much.

It’s interesting to see Darwinism at work here. The leopards who have adapted to finding and catching this new food source will have a better chance at survival and get to pass their DNA onto the next generation who will also be capable of adapting more quickly. The intelligence and instinctive increasing evident in these animals is a desirable quality in the harsh world of the African wilds. The strong and wily survive whereas the rest suffer and eventually perish. Natural selection. Thankfully humans have evolved to move beyond this base way of life. Haven’t we…?

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